Stronger United-Stronger UK@United Europe: Remain & Transform!


NEWSFLASH: Excited for SU’s 3000 Miles UK Walkathon in 2016!

Facts and figures are not enough. To truly engage and energise our voters, especially younger citizens and first-time voters, we must communicate with them directly and share with them what we stand for. Explaining why the two "In" or "Out" alternatives now on offer as choices in the BREXIT Referendum requires thoughtful face-to-face discussions, questions, and new ideas. Generating such grass-roots creativity, enthusiasm, and active support is the only way to not only win the Referendum, but move forward in building a Stronger Britain in a United Europe. Therefore, SU is excited to announce that it will kick-start in Edinburgh, on February 15, 2016, a 3000-mile walkathon across the United Kingdom, culminating in a 3-day Congress in Coventry, on December 19 to 21. Stay tuned for the detailed calendar of events and more information early in the New Year!

Universities for Europe is a campaign by Universities UK. Universities UK's mission is to be the definitive voice for UK universities.

Universities for Europe aims to put education and skills at the heart of the EU referendum. They make the case that EU membership is incredibly important for the UK’s universities and that they in turn are very important to the British people, the economy and society.

Academics for Europe represents any academic that is for EU membership for the UK. They seek to unite students and more senior academics in a campaign that aims to increase awareness among the wider public of the benefits and positive impact the UK’s EU membership has for academia and higher education.

Students for Europe is coordinated by European Movement International and is determined to build a large coalition of young people, across the country and across the social and political divides, who will come together to keep the UK safe, prosperous and powerful, at the heart of Europe.

Generation Europe believes it is imperative to inform the public of the benefits of UK's membership in the EU. GE is making the case for students and young people to remain a part of a reformed European Union. It wants to engage young people with all viewpoints about this critical issue and is happy to receive written contributions from members of all political parties.

Universities are focal points of "Stronger United"'s activities. As centers of learning, of research, of social activism, and of youthful drive and ethusiasm, universities are constitute our natural habitat and the most fertile terrain for our events, activities, and recruitment efforts. 

We have chosen our hubs in the UK as well as in Europe and other parts of the world in great part based on whether these cities are home to one or more dynamic and forward-looking universities we could partner up with in our efforts to bring the necessary debates and discussions related to the BREXIT Referendum to as many young people as possible.

"Stronger United" looks forward to visit universities across the UK and Europe and contribute to debates, lectures, courses, and presentations on these important issues. We are happy to establish ties with student unions, debating societies, academic departments and individual lecturers interested to hear more about our vision for our country's and continent's future, and about the importance of taking a firm stand on the upcoming BREXIT Referendum.  

To find out more about our availability for lectures, presentations, discussions and debates on your campus, please contact us directly and we will reply within two business days.