Stronger United-Stronger UK@United Europe: Remain & Transform!

Phase 6

As the SU’s UK Network continues its operations at local and national levels, a swift and seamless change of our line of operations from the British to the European levels will take place. This scaling up of our campaign and activities throughout the EU, and in each European Member State will have been prepared by the European Network Hubs set up in Phase 2 above. The focus this time will be meaningful and democratic European reform targeting the 2019 EU Parliament elections as focal point of our efforts. Estimated completion date: December 2018.

“It may be laid down as a principle, that one’s [military] line of operations should not be abandoned; but it is one of the most skillful manoeuvres in war, to know how to change it, when circumstances authorize or render this necessary. An army that changes skillfully its line of operations deceives the enemy, who becomes ignorant where to look for its rear, or upon what weak points it is assailable.”

Napoleon Bonaparte, War Maxim XX