Stronger United-Stronger UK@United Europe: Remain & Transform!

Phase 7

Fighting and winning the 2019 European Parliament elections by fielding candidates of the same organisation, supporting the same Citizens’ Agenda for Change throughout the EU, and electing a majority of MEP’s in Strasbourg will be our key objective at this stage. This constitutes our second vital electoral test, that we must win in order to continue our program of reform and implementation of a legitimate, effective, democratic and accountable multi-level system of governance in the UK, EU and beyond. Estimated completion date: June 2019.

“At the commencement of a campaign, to advance or not to advance is a matter for grave consideration; but once the offensive has been assumed, it must be sustained to the last extremity. However skillful the manoeuvres in a retreat, it will always weaken the morale of an army, because in losing the chances of success these last are transferred to the enemy. Besides, retreats always cost more men and materiel than the most bloody engagements; with this difference, that in a battle the enemy's loss is nearly equal to your own--whereas in a retreat the loss is on your side only.”

Napoleon Bonaparte, War Maxim VI