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iEAGLE – Inchkeith European Academy of Global Leadership & Entrepreneurship

The aim of the Inchkeith European School of Global Leadership (iEAGLE) is to provide European leaders and entrepreneurs a common space to exchange ideas, benchmark best practices, learn their craft, and share it with future generations.

Such a centre of research, teaching, and learning seeking to promote the vision of developing leadership and entrepreneurship skills of creating Value in an  Accountable and Balanced manner would be a unique institution in Scotland, Europe, and globally.

It would become a dynamic hub of development and growth for future generations of leaders and entrepreneurs that would share common standards and values and would be able to compete in establishing ever higher benchmarks of practice in their fields of practice. 

The British Islands have hosted since ancient times numerous centres of learning and transmission of knowledge. From the early Middle Ages onwards these have been associated with monasteries and churches, but often have taken a life of their own and developed into autonomous institutions of education and research.  Scotland boasts some of the oldest and most famous British universities, all steeped in history but proud to be at the leading edge of 21st Century learning. 

Building on these traditions, and in particular on Scottish Enlightenment development of principles of ethical leadership and entrepreneurship principles that to this day form the cornerstone of the Euro-American tradition of philosophy, politics, and economics, Stronger United proposes to found a "European School Of Global Leadership and Entrepreneurship" on the island of Inchkeith, in the Firth of Forth, within sight of Scotland's capital, Edinburgh.