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MeetUp events are spontaneous, unplanned get-togethers of both old and new friends and acquaintances around a cup of tea or coffee, lunch or dinner, a movie or musical event, giving you the opportunity to discuss in an informal and relaxed manner how we see our future and how we plan to get there. These meetings are important elements in the information and opinion-formation process of all citizens who will be called to vote in the BREXIT Referendum.

Engaging all individuals and groups in honest and open discussions is critical for our purposes - even if some may not agree with SU's perspective and arguments. It is not only by sharing our point of view, but also by learning about the opinions and beliefs of others that we can best prepare for a dynamic and successful BREXIT Campaign. Together with your SU Team, you can take the initiative in organising MeetUp events, ensuring a good turnout, and recording the names and coordinates of the participants as well taking minutes of the meeting, to then forward it to the Central Hub.