Stronger United-Stronger UK@United Europe: Remain & Transform!


Social movements can emerge spontaneously by using the most recent tools of mobile and virtual social communication, but they cannot develop and endure without effective real-world organisation. 

As an SU organiser, you can help set up, manage, and expand an SU hub in your locality, institution, or organisation. You can plan its activities around its community's needs, challenges, and interests. You can connect it with the wider SU network and coordinate its activities with similar hubs and well as with its central ones. You can truly become a social entrepreneur who connects people, places, resources, and ideas in a creative and effective manner.

You can also assist with organising and managing SU's central Hubs, as well as various SU events and meetings in the UK and abroad. You will thus become part of an inner core of SU organisers who will play a vital role in its success.