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One important way you can get involved with "Stronger United" is to submit articles to our News and Analysis section and become a contributing Reporter to our website. You will be given a wide latitude on the topics you can cover: from local events in your community or locality related to the issues of good governance that we are interested in, to interviews with people who wish to express their opinions about the BREXIT referendum or the direction the United Kingdom should take in the future, to commentaries on current news such as the Calais refugee crisis or the Scottish devolution process - the choice is entirely yours.

Once you contact us and let us know you wish to become a contributing Reporter, we will ask you to submit two pieces of your choice of no longer than 1,200 words each. We will review them and provide you with feedback and comments, then decide whether we can accept them for publication. All future submissions you will make will be peer-reviewed to ensure they meet our standards and objectives.