Stronger United-Stronger UK@United Europe: Remain & Transform!


Your willingness to get involved as SU volunteers will determine the impact we will end up having on the BREXIT Referendum and beyond. There are many ways you can volunteer, depending on your areas of interest, your expertise, and your availability.

In brief, there are four areas where we would welcome your assistance:

1. Local growth: Join one of our local hubs. Get to know your community. Together with your team, engage those around you in open discussions about Britain and its future - as a country as a member of the European Union. Help in recruiting new members and in spreading the world about SU and its vision for a Strong United Kingdom in a United Europe.

2. Events support: Help in organising events, attracting participants, ensuring that they unfold in a stimulating, dynamic, orderly manner.

3. Fundraising: Help raise funds to support your local hub's activities  as well as the operations of the central SU hubs. Remember, our sole source of funding is what we can raise from our supporters. Your assistance in this process is absolutely critical for our ability to continue with our campaign.

4. Administration: Your IT, marketing, and networking skills are always welcome to improve the way we interact, communicate our message, and develop our information tools - in both real and virtual worlds.



Your enthusiasm for our vision, ideas, and action plan make all the difference between success and failure. As volunteers, you truly embody the values of "active citizen participation" that is at the heart of our ethos. Only your committed involvement and genuine belief in the principles for which we stand can spearhead our movement forward and by helping us reach the widest possible audience in the UK and abroad.