Stronger United-Stronger UK@United Europe: Remain & Transform!

NATO 2.0

Sometimes force must be met with force. Safe communities sometimes require strong defense. NATO has provided that for the past seven decades, to North America and an ever-widening part of Europe. It is under its military umbrella that the UK and its European partners have recovered after World War II, resisted Soviet aggression, and re-built a free, prosperous, united continent. Today, the ties between Europe and North America deepen: they are no longer just military, but also social, cultural, and economic. The Transatlantic Free Trade Area will unite us more than ever, and deeply affect our daily lives. We must re-think also this level of governance and apply to it the same principles of democratic legitimacy, accountability, and effectiveness that we demand of our local, national, and European levels as we continue our struggle to create resilient, sustainable communities in the Age of Connexity.