Stronger United-Stronger UK@United Europe: Remain & Transform!

Network Hubs Leaders

"Stronger United"'s Network Hub leaders are the Movement's key social entrepreneurs and activists. They are the key drivers' of SU's recruitment and fundraising efforts, as well as of its events and activities success.

As a non-hierarchical, grass-roots organisation, SU is essentially a network of hubs spread primarily throughout the UK, but also Europe, North America and the Middle East. These hubs are coordinated from both regional hubs located in key cities in each of these geographical areas, as well as from London, UK, seat of SU's Primary Hub.

Each Network Hub Leader will receive training and support in how to establish, expand and manage a hub both within its locality or community and as part of the larger SU network, and will be given a large degree of autonomy in managing that hub's specific priorities and resources.

The ultimate goal, of course, for all SU Hub Leaders in the implementation of the Movement's Eight-Point Plan leading to "A Stronger United Kingdom in a United Europe".