Stronger United-Stronger UK@United Europe: Remain & Transform!


“Stronger United” Campaign Outline

Our "Stronger United" Campaign proposes for discussion and debate an Eight-Point "To Do" List that puts the BREXIT Referendum in its proper context, in the United Kingdom, Europe, and the world.

These "To Do" items aim to focus our attention of the need to bring about legitimate and democratic reform across real and virtual borders, in a manner that  respects the equal dignity and worth of each and every individual.

They build upon each other in terms of scope, complexity and impact, in a coherent and comprehensive manner. Each of its Ten Phases set the foundations for the success of the next one, by deepening and widening organically the new activist and institutional networks of governance necessary to achieve our ultimate goal.

They represent a strategic vision of a transition of our institutions of governance from the grid-lock and irrelevance they face today, to a future where they can re-emerge as an effective, accountable, legitimate and democratic network of governance for our communities, our nations, our world. 

NEWSFLASH: SU's Marchaton UK 2016 starts in Edinburgh on Feb. 16.

“Stronger United” Campaign’s Eight-Point “To Do” List

From Planning to Praxis: Implementing the 8-Point Action Plan

Phase 1: Setting up British Isles’ Network Hubs

Key network hubs in:

Phase 2: Setting up European Network Hubs

Phase 3: Setting up North American Network Hubs

Phase 4: Expanding the 8-Point Action Plan Network

Phase 8: Creating a trans-Atlantic Public Sphere

Phase 9: Debating and Envisioning the new NATO

Phase 10: Transitioning from NATO 1.0 to NATO 2.0