Stronger United-Stronger UK@United Europe: Remain & Transform!

Managing Team

Although the "Stronger United" Movement's focus is to play a key role in the debates  and discussions leading up to the UK's BREXIT Referendum, to be held in 2016 or 2017, its mission does not stop there. It aims to continue its activities after the referendum and to implement its Eight-Point Plan on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. The success of this Plan will also depend, to a great extent, on whether a long-term, peaceful, and stable solution will be found to the turmoil currently engulfing the Middle East. 

As a result, "Stronger United"'s Management Team is composed of thee members:

1. Alex Olteanu: Chief Coordinator, UK and EU. Fluent in five European languages and with more than two decades experience in the legal, academic, and business management fields in both Europe, North America, and the Middle East, Alex is spearheading SU's main operations in the United Kingdom and Europe.

2. Brent Irvine: Chief Coordinator, Americas. An IT professional and grassroots activism enthusiast, Brent is setting SU's foundations in North America, and will have an increasingly important role to play after the BREXIT Referendum.


3. Georges Kabalan: Chief Coordinator, Middle East. A business management and finance specialist, Georges already works with an international NGO whose aim is to assist struggling entrepreneurs and refugees in Lebanon to rebuild their lives by starting their own businesses.