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Georges Kabalan – Chief Coordinator, Middle East

Georges Kabalan (BBA, Arab / UK Open Universities) is the Chief Coordinator of the "Stronger United" Movement in the Greater Middle East.

Fluent in Arabic, English, and French, Georges is currently the Lebanon Microenterprise Support and Business Development Officer of the International Rescue Committee NGO. He assists local and refugee entrepreneurs in Lebanon to start their own businesses and hire employees by assisting them with micro-grants, business planning and monitoring advice, and follow-up and support services.

Before holding this position Georges was, at the age of twenty-one, the youngest manager of the HMS Ltd Group of Companies in Iraq, where he opened and managed a number of Steak Escape, Subway and Second Cup restaurants.

Georges Kabalan started his career as the Operations Administrative Officer of Ameen - CHF International Group of Development Enterprises Global Communities, another Lebanese NGO, where he contributed to the growth of Lebanon’s leading microfinance institution by administering the implementation of loan cycle procedures and coordinating field staff activities with Head Office operations.

Georges also held an internship with the Intercontinental Bank of Lebanon, and was awarded a Baccalaureate of Sciences by the Institut Père Michel Khalifé, Beirut, Lebanon.