Stronger United-Stronger UK@United Europe: Remain & Transform!


Educating our members and the wider public on the critical issues related to the BREXIT referendum is a critical part in helping UK citizens to make an informed decision not only on how they will cast their vote on polling day, but just as importantly, how they will continue to remain involved after the vote in the decision-making processes that will determine the future direction of the United Kingdom and of Europe as a whole.  A fully-functioning democracy requires, after all, public deliberations of well-informed citizens on the issues they are called upon to vote, so that they can arrive at informed decisions based on the power of the best argument and on the evidence available - and not just cast their ballot in accordance with a pre-formed opinion, untested by discussions and rigorous fact-checking.

"Stronger United" will run a basic "BREXIT Referendum 101" Course for all those interested to become familiar with the issues at stake in this upcoming critical vote for the United Kingdom and the European Union. We do have a Moodle-powered virtual learning platform which can be used both to supplement face-to-face courses taught in local communities or organisations, as well as on-line courses for those who prefer this delivery method. Please let us know if you wish to teach such a course by organising a group of 8 to 12 individuals committed to dedicate a few evenings to learning more about what is really at stake in the BREXIT Referendum. We will first organise a Coordinators' Training Course, so you will all become familiar with the materials, content, arguments, and teaching methodology of this course; then we will either assign you to a group of students in your community or online, or encourage you to contact your own friends and acquaintances and put together your own study group.

In addition to this basic course, we plan to run additional, more in-depth courses on various topics related to issues of good governance in the UK, EU, and even globally, depending on the interest manifested by participants and availability of coordinators willing and able to develop and conduct such courses. If you have any ideas or suggestions in this regard, please do not hesitate to contact us.