Stronger United-Stronger UK@United Europe: Remain & Transform!


The first thing every business management student learns is that an organisation is a group of individuals who pool their knowledge, skills, and resources to accomplish a common goal. It is the quality, enthusiasm and dedication of its people that determine whether any organisation - public or private, for profit or charitable - accomplishes its mission in an efficient, effective and sustainable manner. 

"Stronger United" IS the people who support its vision, mission, values, and objectives. Each SU member plays an important role in our Movement - whether as volunteer, organiser, fundraiser, reporter, educator, or coordinator.

Three groups of people ensure that "Stronger United" as a movement stays true to its founding purpose and provide the leadership required for any organisation to move forward - particularly critical in a social movement like ours:

1. The SU Network Hub Leaders provide the grassroots vision and leadership necessary to set up, manage and coordinate individual SU groups active in specific localities or communities;

2. The SU Managing Team coordinates and directs the activities of the entire network to ensure the successful implementation of our Eight-Point Plan; and

3. The Governance Board supervises SU's activities, and in particular the Management Team, to ensure the highest levels of integrity, accountability, transparency, and ethical behaviour at all stages of our activities.

In all our actions, we at "Stronger United" endeavour to be guided by the Five-Star Constellation of political activists whose vision and accomplishments have marked the past century and have set the bar for all future civil society moments:

1. Mahatma Gandhi's Satyagraha (soul force) philosophy of individual "accountable autonomy" and total dedication to truth and non-violence;

2. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s empowering Speeches, that brought out in the streets an entire generation to stand up for the dignity and respect of every human being;

3. Nelson Mandela's inner Strength, that allowed him to overcome almost three decades of incarceration and bring freedom and peace to his multi-racial and multicultural nation;

4. Vaclav Havel's daring Strategy to find the most vulnerable point of the Communist Colossus - its ability to instil fear in its subjects - and to bring it to collapse without shedding a single drop of blood by teaching his fellow citizens how to stop being afraid; and

5. Aung San Suu Kyi's inspiring Serenity as she stood up to the military dictatorship of her country and endured, despite untold personal sacrifices, until she was finally released from her years' long house arrest to take her seat in Burma's Parliament as Leader of the Opposition.